The Safety Dance… at work

The Safety Dance… at work

By Indi Rooney


A wise man once said we can dance if we want to, we can also leave our friends behind. Because your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of… his?


OK, so it’s really just The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. The point here, if there is one, is that men AND women often NEED hats… including SAFETY HATS! Are you picking up what I’m laying down? You see where I’m going with this nonsense? And NPP can help.

If your team requires hard hats, we’ve got the vendor for you. Airgas carries a wide selection of hard hats in various styles and price points to help you keep your noggins safe. This includes hats with a full brim or those with a cap style. You’ll find lots of gear in a variety of colors. (I’m particularly fond of the red, white and blue hard hat with the 4-point ratchet suspension.)


Even if you don’t work in an area with hard hats Airgas has items to keep you and your people safe. They have more than 80 safety specialists who are QSSP-certified and can perform site surveys to help identify and correct hazards, as well as help you select the proper products and services.


Airgas locations are found nationwide and they’re known for great customer service and expert consultation. You can get the safety products you need when you need them and improve your overall safety program.


Plus, companies, large and small, who join NPP for free, receive top-tier pricing from Airgas and a catalog of brands that come in handy throughout the year.


Airgas offers just about everything you need to do the safety dance like a boss year-round. You can snatch up insulated clothing, rainwear, rubber overshoes, reflective apparel and anti-fog lens safety glasses. You can even save on work site signage and fall protection to help your team stay out of harm’s way.


Quick. Everybody look at your hands. Spoil the guys on the line this winter with hand (and toe) warming heat packs and lined gloves.


For the summer, Airgas offers moisture-wicking clothes as well as Sqwincher® hydration products and safety glasses that reduce the glare of the sun with smoke or mirror lenses.


And, in the spring, when you’re ready to do a little spring cleaning and need excellent deals on safety supplies, you can check out a selection of fire extinguishers and first aid kids.


Join NPP today and discover deals on products you use every day, from discounts on office supplies to special pricing on paints to Airgas safety gear and more. Joining NPP is free and it’s easy. Now that’s something to dance about. S-S-S-S A-A-A-A…

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