Industrial Gas, Safety & Welding Products

Top-tier pricing on safety supplies and equipment

NPP members enjoy exclusive pricing on industrial gases, safety equipment, welding supplies and more, from one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers. Airgas distribution branches are a one-stop shop for top-quality products and friendly expertise to more than a million customers across the nation. As the second-leading supplier of safety equipment in the U.S., the Airgas catalog includes personal protective equipment, fall gear, work wear, respiratory and area protection. Airgas is industrial gas and so much more.

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NPP members receive:

  • Discounts on safety supplies and equipment

  • Exclusive pricing on industrial gases*

  • Discounted welding products and equipment

*Must complete Product Sale Agreement

NPP does not guarantee supplier offers or their website performance. Suppliers are solely responsible for all supplier products and services offered through NPP. Offers may be suspended or terminated at any time and may be subject to product restrictions, exclusions and eligibility requirements.

Save with Airgas & NPP

Set up your Airgas account with NPP today and start saving on a wide selection of Airgas product offerings. An Airgas representative will contact you to address your specific gas, welding and safety needs.

Once the sign-up form is completed, Airgas will be notified and your specialist will contact you within 7 business days. You will then immediately be able to use your discount for any safety products or welding supply items. Additional compliance will be necessary to begin NPP strategic account pricing for all gases, refrigerants, or dry ice purchases.

Airgas serves more than one million customers of all sizes all across the country. Airgas’ national distribution network provides local service, top-quality products and unmatched expertise.

Your dedicated Airgas specialist is available to answer all your questions and assist with purchases. Contact NPP for help finding your specialist.

Safety Products
  • • Head-to-Toe PPE’s
  • • Fall Protection
  • • Work Wear
  • • Area Protection
Welding Supplies
  • • Filler Metals
  • • Welders
  • • Support Equipment
  • • Accessories
  • • Industrial Application
  • • Specialty
  • • Bulk
  • • Gas Equipment

Industrial Gases, Safety & Welding Products

Airgas is one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers of gases, welding and safety essentials, offering top-quality products and unmatched expertise.

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