Your Business Should Use a Managed Uniform Program

Your Business Should Use a Managed Uniform Program

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Branded uniform programs provide many benefits to both businesses and employees alike, from having a positive impact on workplace culture to enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.


An NBC News online report revealed that employees feel more confident and professional when they wear uniforms. And past studies indicate customers are more inclined to do business with employees who wear branded uniforms. the theory is that they look more professional and more trustworthy.


UniFirst, a leading provider of uniforms and workwear service programs to businesses throughout the U.S., lists the top 10 reasons businesses should consider providing staff with a managed uniform rental program:


1. Protect your workers. Uniforms can deliver many functional benefits, including wearer safety. For example, workers who are exposed to flammability risks should have uniforms made from Flame Resistant (FR) fabrics, such as Armorex FR® to help protect workers, comply with safety regulations, and help limit legal liabilities. To help ensure roadside workers are seen and protected, High Visibility garments, such as the Spotlite LX® collection, are constructed with reflective fabric and/or retroreflective tape to help these workers get noticed.


2. Provide comfort. If a uniform is not comfortable, a worker will be constantly distracted from doing his or her job properly, which can obviously affect performance. Mobility types of garments are gaining popularity for their ability to provide superior performance and true freedom of movement without sacrificing durability. For example, MIMIX™, a revolutionary new line of workwear, dramatically improves mobility and comfort with its innovative design, which includes work shirts and pants with scientifically determined built-in flex panels in areas where workers need it most.


3. Provide an employee benefit. Employer-provided uniforms and services save employees money and, when provided as part of a managed rental program, eliminate employee laundering time and expense.


4. Create an attractive business image. For better or worse, society often tends to judge people by how they dress, or how they look. Selecting a professional-looking employee uniform can immediately establish a more desirable business image that helps attract and retain customers, while differentiating them from competitors.


5. Improve security.

Company uniforms featuring specific styles or colors for different departments can help people quickly identify who does or who does not belong in specific work areas or on job sites.


6. Enhance customer relationships. Work uniforms immediately identify company representatives who can be easily approached for purchasing or service information, helping assure customers of their legitimacy.


7. Promote company pride. Work uniforms help instill a sense of pride and responsibility and can lead to employees acting as company ambassadors outside the actual workplace.


8. Communicate your company or brand. When employees wear uniforms displaying corporate logos and colors, they help brand and differentiate their business in the markets they serve.


9. Provide free advertising. Professional work uniforms worn in public can become virtual walking billboards, promoting a company’s products and/or services within the market “for free.”


10. Foster team spirit. Branded work uniforms promote a sense of team spirit and a sense of belonging. This, in turn, can improve worker productivity.


UniFirst offers work uniforms and service programs for virtually every occupation. Beyond a complete selection of work uniforms and career appare, UniFirst also provides accessories like gloves, hats and protective gear—making UniFirst a single source workwear solutions provider. NPP members can sign up for UniFirst discounts and browse UniFirst’s online catalog.



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