Sqwincher® hydration products

Sqwincher® hydration products

When most people think of Airgas, they think of industrial gases, welding supplies and safety equipment. But when customers dig deeper into the full catalog of Airgas offerings, they find a variety of tools and apparel. Airgas even carries a line of Sqwincher® hydration products to help you beat the summer heat.


It’s not a total stretch to think of Sqwincher Sqweeze® Pops and Zero concentrates as job site safety supplies. These hydration solutions contain a balanced source of sodium and potassium, delivering key electrolytes that are necessary to hydrate the body. When you need quick hydration on the job, Sqwincher products help replace what you sweat out.


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Enjoy top-tier pricing from Airgas, on everything from work wear to welding equipment and now even Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops and Zero concentrates. In fact, until 8/30/2019, NPP members can also earn a free 7 cubic foot freezer with an order of 60 cases of Sqweeze Pops OR get two five-gallon Sqwincher coolers when you order five cases of Sqwincher 2.5-gallon Zero powder.


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And remember to stay safe with Airgas and hydrate your lifestyle with Sqwincher products!


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