Better internet for work (at home or remote)

Better internet for work (at home or remote)

By Indi Rooney


You know what makes isolation really frustrating? Unreliable home internet. I mean there ARE bigger problems right now, but if you’re hunkered down at home… the internet is your lifeline. When it goes out, you’re still stuck at home. You need to get it back. Soooo, shoddy internet access stinks, agreed?


There can be a variety of reasons for bad connectivity. You just know you need to fix it. Maybe you have employees you want to stay connected with from the safety of their home during mandated shutdowns. Or, maybe you or one of your team members is in a remote location with dodgy or unsecure internet access.


OptConnect has a solution for you and your business. OptConnect is offering a new product called OptConnect Home Office. This handy fix provides plug and play secure cellular connectivity that you or your employees can take anywhere.


With OptConnect Home Office, you get everything you need to connect your remote or home office to the internet for only $99 a month. There is no long-term contract required; you can go month to month, which is great during these uncertain times.


The OptConnect Home Office package includes a 4G LTE commercial-grade router, a 10 GB data plan from Verizon, paddle antennas, ethernet cable, a power adapter and a quick start guide that explains to you how to use all this gear.


And, the $99 flat monthly fee includes all your hardware for the bundle. No additional fee is going to be billed. It is also secure, with a private IP addresses and a built-in firewall. Enjoy safe, reliable internet connectivity from anywhere.


This is an easy, cost-effective short-term replacement for better connectivity at home or in remote areas. If you need an internet solution, grab OptConnect Home Office for your team.


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