Wireless Connectivity for Kiosks, ATMs, POS & More

Machine-to-machine wireless for as low as $20/month

OptConnect revolutionizes the way machines communicate, providing for fast and secure connectivity, cost savings, and greater reliability. OptConnect offers end-to-end managed service, providing customers with the greatest level of service and up-time. Enjoy state-of-the-art managed wireless solutions for your business.

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NPP members receive:

  • As low as $20 for wireless connectivity monthly subscription

  • Pricing includes hardware, data, and managed services

  • 24-hour support

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End-to-End Wireless Connectivity
  • • 24 Hour Support Our team is always there to help. We have instructional videos, download guides available, or just give us a call.
  • • Event Pulse We give your connections priority in crowded cellular environments.
  • • OptReboot Remote power management reduces technical service calls, and restore machines more quickly.
OptConnect Benefits

With benefits ranging from cost savings, flexibility, reliability, proactive alerting, and faster speeds, OptConnect is helping make cellular-wireless solutions the new standard for deployments. OptConnect provides a high quality, low cost package that enables operators to disconnect their land lines, and go completely wireless. Saving time, and money allows the operators to join the evolving technological movement known as the “Internet of Things”.

Managed Wireless Solutions for Business

OptConnect is North America’s leading provider of managed service wireless connectivity for ATMs, Smart Safes, Kiosks, Micro Markets, Digital Signage and other custom applications. OptConnect specializes in end-to-end managed wireless service, providing customers with hardware, network connectivity, management software, 24/7 technical support, system alerts and more.

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