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Getting approved through saves you time and money. Application and loan processes are private, secure, and confidential. There are no fees. It's free, fast, and easy. There's never an obligation to use one of's lenders or loans.

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  • FREE Motor Club with Roadside Assistance & Service Discounts (1 year)

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How Does it Work?

Apply for an auto loan, it’s easy. Select your loan type, complete our quick, secure and confidential application. Then, review up to four loan offers in just a few minutes. Once you select the loan that’s right for you, you’ll receive an online certificate or check within 24 hours. Then it’s time to buy your car or refinance your current loan! There is never an obligation to use one of their loans.

Why use myAutoloan?

Applications are free, fast, and easy, and no pressure to use one of their lenders or loans. They’ll match you with lenders that directly fit your needs via a patented analysis and evaluation process, so you’ll never waste time sorting through information that’s not relevant to you and your financing situation. Getting approved though saves you time and money, two things that are definitely worth saving.

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