Offer Your Employees A Verizon Discount

Offer Your Employees A Verizon Discount

NPP business members save on an array of products and services that can help boost their bottom line. For instance, eligible businesses of all sizes can save 22% off Verizon monthly access fees when they sign up for our Verizon business discount. But did you know that NPP has a similar offer for employees of NPP business members?


Eligible NPP business members can pass along our Verizon employee discount to their team members. Employees and their families can get up to 18% off Verizon monthly access fees, plus they can save up to 25% off the purchase of select accessories.*


You’ll see in the disclaimers below that unlimited plans are not eligible for corporate or employee line discounts. However, employees of NPP members can still get up to 25% off accessories when they sign up as an NPP employee member. And NPP membership is always free!


It’s a win win for everybody! NPP employee enrollment opens a world of useful savings from brands that people and companies use every day. NPP employee members save on travel, computers, apparel and more. Check out our employee discounts to see what’s available for your team… or ask your employer if they are an NPP member.


NPP business members that use our Verizon discount offer can provide their NPP company passcode to all of their employees and encourage them to take advantage of great deals on wireless and more. Once employees sign up for NPP for free (just like business members can join for free), they have access to a portfolio of employee deals and discounts, including our Verizon employee offer.


If you are an NPP business member and you need your company passcode, please contact NPP customer service at or call us at 800.810.3909. Our friendly customer service reps can help you understand our free program and answer questions about our popular offers and discounts.


If you’re not an NPP business member, simply join NPP for free. More than 300,000 NPP members have access to a catalog of NPP offers that help reduce costs for both work and play.


Thanks to our considerable national membership, companies of all sizes can access exclusive pricing like the largest corporations. NPP has been offering discounts to an engaged B2B customers since 2001. Membership is always free and there’s no obligation to buy. But we think you’ll like what NPP has to offer.

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*Corporate liable lines only. $34.99 or higher, 2 corporate lines required.
*Industry eligibility requirements apply.
Unlimited plans are not eligible for corporate and employee line discounts. All Verizon Wireless offers are for a limited time only and are subject to equipment availability. Verizon Wireless reserves the right to change or modify all offers at any time without notice. All terms and conditions are subject to and governed by Verizon Wireless’ Agreement with Customer including, but not limited to, customer eligibility requirements. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the Verizon Wireless offers, however, Verizon Wireless is not responsible for any errors or omissions.
NPP does not guarantee supplier offers or their website performance. Suppliers are solely responsible for all supplier products and services offered through NPP. Offers may be suspended or terminated at any time and may be subject to product restrictions, exclusions and eligibility requirements.

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