Successfully Manage Construction Projects with BrickControl

Successfully Manage Construction Projects with BrickControl

Contractor Software is essential if you’re in the construction and building trades and wish to take advantage of the latest tools for helping you in your work. With BrickControl and its versatile assemblage of features, you can bring your business into the 21st century without spending a fortune.


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1. Integrated Project Control
Instead of acquiring separate software to manage your invoicing, estimating, material sourcing and other key business functions, you can use BrickControl to do it all. Even if you have to work on multiple assignments at the same time, you can seamlessly switch between them and keep all your info well-organized.


2. Your Data Is Always Accessible
After making whatever measurements you need to do your tasks correctly, you can enter them into the BrickControl contractor software. Because your files live on the cloud, you can input the info right from your job site. Avoid losing your important details and having to redo any work a second time.


3. Smooth, Accurate Billing
As a piece of contractor software intended for use with market-facing organizations, BrickControl contains a full complement of invoicing capabilities. Tally up your charges without having to undertake hours of tedious calculations yourself. Then you can present your clients with honest, factual bills that clearly list every item.


4. Contractor Software That Tracks Expenses
From paychecks to the cost of supplies, BrickControl is a powerful program for keeping tabs on your expenses. There won’t be any mysterious disappearances of cash or unexpected shortfalls because you’ll be able to see exactly where every cent you spend is going.


5. Gauge Your Profitability
Because BrickControl allows you to view all income and expenditures by project, you’ll be able to see what your profit margins are like. This will enable you to make better corporate decisions going forward. There’s no need to make wild guesses when you have all the relevant financial metrics at your fingertips.


6. Investigate Cost Deviations

Even while your projects are still in progress, you’ll be able to see where and how your expenses turned out to be higher than expected. BrickControl thus gives you the ability to alter your performance in real time to reduce waste and cut down on unneeded outlays of cash.