Are you ready for Black Friday?

Are you ready for Black Friday?

It’s that special time of year! We give thanks for all the good things in our lives, then we gorge ourselves… and then we wake up the next day and get our shopping on! With online shopping, Black Friday may not include as many long lines or in-store rushes at the opening bell, but you can still find great deals on tons of cool stuff.

And, speaking of deals, you know NPP has them. You may already know about our Verizon business discount, where eligible NPP business members can save 22% off Verizon monthly access fees. But we also let members know about limited-time promotions on iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and other useful devices and accessories. And once you have the Verizon business discount, even your employees can save up to 18% off access fees on personal lines and take advantage of seasonal promotions.


But let’s get back to Black Friday. Do you want to know how Black Friday got started and where the name “Black Friday” came from? As far as the retail “holiday” goes, Black Friday was born in the 1960s as an opportune, symbolic kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Everybody likes to “get your shopping done early,” right? Might as well start right after the Thanksgiving table is cleared.


The name Black Friday is a nod to accounting. In that corner of the office, red refers to a loss and black refers to a profit. Are you following me? So “Black Friday” means lots of profits for companies, stores, manufacturers and, let’s face it, shoppers even gain lots of stuff.


Once retailers realized that crowds of shoppers were really excited to have a kick off to the shopping season, Black Friday got more and more promotion and more and more attention. It became THE day for starting your holiday shopping.


Speaking of shopping and saving, if your business is not already an NPP member, sign up for NPP for free today! More than 300,000 NPP members across the nation save on products and services like Verizon wireless service, painting supplies, work uniforms and more.


Think of NPP as your year-round “Black Friday” marketplace. Membership is always free and there’s no obligation to buy. But we think you’ll find plenty of opportunities to save – and it’s highly unlikely you get trampled on your way into the store.


Happy shopping, everybody.

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