Smart summer battery storage

Smart summer battery storage

By Kat Vranas

Some people believe harsh winters kill batteries, but it’s actually the summer heat that can really cause batteries to fail. Here are some tips to help maintain your battery life during the hot summer months.


Summer temperatures can climb above 85°F and high temperatures can lead to batteries self-discharging, causing them to age faster. Depending on the size of your batteries, losing power like that can cost your team money and time. Plus, you have to replace the battery. Ugh.


We have a few suggestions to help keep batteries lasting longer to help you save money on batteries year-round. Storing small batteries is easy in the office, but what about larger batteries, like the ones in golf cats, mobile scooters or marine crafts?


When you’re not using your equipment (at work or play), make sure the battery is stored out of direct sunlight, off the ground. Try to keep your cables clean to reduce insulated heat. In addition to keeping your equipment clean, tested and limiting use, make sure to incorporate smart storage to increase your batteries’ longevity.


Smart battery storage


You can also purchase smart storage for your batteries, both large and small. Batteries Plus Bulbs has developed battery boxes specially designed to allow you to safely store AND transport your batteries in the summer heat. The battery boxes help protect against high and low temperatures, sun exposure and short-circuiting.


Batteries Plus Bulbs boxes feature a base that reduces battery shifting and collects any spilled contaminants. They also have lids with convenient access to the battery for altering cable configurations or conducting routine maintenance.  The boxes are also environmentally sound, because they prevent discharged battery acid from spilling out.


A better battery life


Batteries Plus Bulbs offers additional products to help you keep your batteries running longer. You can learn more at your friendly Batteries Plus Bulbs store. And, if your battery has finally reached its end, Batteries Plus Bulbs offers an easy recycling program, as well as free on-site needs assessments and access to dedicated advisors who can suggest more efficient energy and lighting solutions to save your business money.


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