Back to work solutions

Back to work solutions

We’re a year into the global pandemic and many companies are still operating largely from home where employees can social distance and reduce possible transmission. Staples understands that not all companies have that luxury. Many businesses must operate from an office or in-store. Staples has a variety of solutions for many different industries. Here are just a few products to aid in-store operations or improve the work-from-home experience.


In-store or in the office


Staples partners with industry-leading companies to help bring businesses back to work safely. Staples is known for office supplies, but they also offer technology and services to support employee wellness quickly and easily, such as:


• Thermal screening kiosks

• Temperature check solutions

• Thermal and camera imaging

• Temperature control cameras with facial recognition

• UV disinfection and management

• Rapid disinfection cycles


Working from home


Keep your team connected and productive, wherever they are. Staples has flexible options to set up successful work from home programs.


• Headsets, adjustable office chairs and standing desks

• Monitors, keyboards and ergonomic setups

• Quick ship furniture delivers within 2-7 days


If you are fully or partially supporting your employees’ home office setups, Staples has different ways to create a program, depending on your company’s needs. Many Staples programs allow unlimited users with delivery to individual offices or homes. You can add new users or add different shipping locations to existing user profiles.


Education solutions


Staples also helps keep schools clean and sanitized to reduce the spread of germs. Furniture and structural solutions help reconfigure spaces for proper distancing to set up home classrooms for success:


• Deep cleaning, sanitizing and ongoing maintenance services

• Floor care and air care equipment

• Trash and recycling systems

• Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and tissues

• Barriers an individual storage bins

• Technology to keep staff and students connected

• On-demand print services for delivery or store pickup


Healthcare solutions


Create a safer space for patients and caregivers with Staples clinical and patient care solutions. Let Staples assist when you restock:


• Sneeze guards and counter shields

• Room dividers for privacy

• Diagnostic units, exam tables and recliners

• Physician stools, scope cabinets and storage

• Wall and floor decals for distancing and wayfinding

• Signage for hand washing and hygiene protocols

• Pamphlets, flyers, forms and folders


We’re making an extra effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Staples is dedicated to helping businesses maintain proper distancing and stay up to date with cleaning and sanitation needs. Let Staples be your one-stop supplier for back to work and work from home solutions! Oh, and did you know that NPP members get special pricing from Staples on thousands of items. Sign up for free business discounts today. Membership is always free.

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