It’s a new year, COVID’s still here

It’s a new year, COVID’s still here

By Indi Rooney


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is for certain and to expect the unexpected. NPP has seen so many members pivot to adapt to new norms during COVID-19.


We are proud to offer our members discounts and deals on products that help them adjust quickly during the pandemic and stay safe. As we continue on in 2021, we’d like to share some thoughts on the changing business landscape.


Work from home may be here to stay


Many businesses jettisoned office spaces and moved their teams to working remotely. This created a run on webcams, headsets, high-speed laptops and other home office products that allowed businesses and employees to set up home offices quick and easy.


All those people working from home had to be connected and the importance of 5G for business was a customer focus for Verizon.


Safety is at the forefront


Businesses, whose employees came into the office, scrambled to stock personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety items to help everyone stay safe. Office Depot quickly became a trusted supplier of essential PPE kits for businesses, as well as office supplies.


Known for industrial gases and welding products, Airgas was always a go-to provider for safety equipment and job site protection. During the pandemic, they are helping businesses of all sizes stay safe by offering essential identification products, including COVID-19 signage and PPE items for all types of companies and their workforce.


Stay healthy in and out of the office


While it may be premature to understand the total impact that the pandemic will have on employee health, one thing was abundantly clear – telemedicine is here to stay. The ability to have 24/7 access to board-certified doctors by phone or secure video consultation is a benefit many companies sprinted to provide. RealTimeTelemed provides NPP members with this benefit at a great price.


COVID changed our normal


We do not know when things will get “back to normal” or even what “normal” will look like post-pandemic, but NPP is continues to be dedicated to businesses, large and small, across the country. When times are tough, we help businesses persevere. We encourage business owners to explore our portfolio of discounts that can help reduce costs year-round.


If you’re not an NPP member, you can sign up your business for free. There’s no obligation to buy and membership is always free. You’ll even find deals that you can share with your team. We hope you’ll explore our business discounts and learn more about all that we do. Let NPP help you save money and plan for your business’s future.

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