Staples takes WFH to WOW

Staples takes WFH to WOW

By Indi Rooney


Some of us are on day 30 or so of captivity… or working from home. Few people have the luxury of an elaborate home office, so makeshift work areas are popping up in households everywhere.


If you are at your kitchen table or slouching on your couch while desperately missing your desk and dual monitors, Staples can help you trick out your home workspace and put the WOW in your WFH. In fact, Staples offers an assortment of cost-effective solutions to get you and your team set up for success and working comfortably from home.


WOW from home


If you are an urbanite, living in a tiny apartment, you’re probably short on space and might need a desk. Maybe consider a folding table to give a sense of a desk without taking up too much space (or breaking your budget). Staples offers two sizes that fit the bill perfectly, 48″L x 24″W and 25.5″L x 17.8″W. Pop them up for an instant office and stash them at the end of the workday.


An office chair can make (or break) a worker. If you don’t want to invest in a full roller chair, you can always pick up a cushion or lumbar cushion to make your home chair a bit more comfy.


Extension cords and power strips are lifesavers too. They allow you to move workstations about without being stuck near an outlet. This is key if you want a nice background for those video calls. There is nothing stopping you from attending a meeting on a porch or deck or even from the middle of a room.


Get prepped for those calls with a Bluetooth headset or a portable USB speakerphone. Then you can truly take those calls from anywhere in your house. Well, almost anywhere. Be respectable, please!


If your work requires you to stare at spreadsheets, columns of text or well, pretty much anything – a large monitor can save your eyes from strain. Consider a dual monitor situation or just hooking up your laptop to a big monitor so you don’t have to keep enlarging your fonts.


Adding an ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse can make days spent typing away a little easier on the ol’ wrists too.


And, if you have not already stocked up on sweet stationery and pens, the TRU RED™ line is truly superb with soft cover ruled notebooks, retractable quick dry gel pens and more. There is nothing quite like a nice pen.


Good bosses always take care of their team. If you want to be extra nice during these unprecedented times, send your people their favorite snacks or the coffee that’s usually stocked in the office breakroom (especially if you use your NPP discount on Staples breakroom supplies). This might include a carton of Cheez-It® crackers or a box of Dunkin’® coffee pods. (True story, we sent one NPP coworker a case of their favorite salty snacks to get him through the quarantine at home.)


The bottom line is keep everyone happy, purposeful and productive at home. Staples can help.


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