COVID signage for businesses

COVID signage for businesses

Airgas has always been a leader in safety equipment and jobsite protection, as well as industrial gases and welding products. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Airgas helps keep businesses of all sizes safe by offering essential safety identification products, including signage and PPE products for companies and their employees.


The importance of preventing the spread of coronavirus is mission-critical right now. Airgas knows that we’re all in this together and we need to reinforce safety measures and preventive practices, especially in high traffic areas. Airgas represents a local resource that will support the efforts of businesses to protect their employees and visitors during this unprecedented time.


Explore Airgas signage, made safely in the U.S.A. You’ll find useful, instructive safety signs and markers that can help your business stay safe. These are a few of the products available.


Social and Physical Distancing Signs


Remind others to stand 6 feet apart with social and physical distancing signs at work stations, production facilities, checkout aisles, restaurants and more.


Barriers and Barricades


Prevent access and contaminated areas with barriers and barricades.


Floor Marking


Mark and create designated spaces on floors to ensure foot traffic is safe and employees and visitors are following social distancing practices. Keep your team and customers healthy.


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