Storage tips and tricks

Storage tips and tricks

By Indi Rooney


Do you find yourself looking around your house or business thinking you could use a bit more room? Maybe you’re working from home, still searching for the perfect space for a home office. Wouldn’t some extra storage could come in handy? Let’s look at some pointers for how you can utilize storage to declutter your home or office.


First, make a list of what you can live without over the next few months. Then determine if the items in question could be stored easily and if they need climate control storage to keep them safe from extreme temps. Hmmm, maybe you didn’t think of that. Or maybe you did.


Special storage


Items like electronics or fluid-filled engines and batteries are more susceptible to damage from extreme weather and moisture. Here’s a list of some susceptible items that may require climate-controlled storage:


  • Electronics and batteries
  • Musical instruments
  • Wood, wicker, and leather furniture
  • Antiques
  • DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records
  • Photographs and artwork
  • Wine
  • Medical supplies


Once you ascertain your storable stuff (and those that may need special care), it’s easy to pack up and move to the next step.


Where to go?


Determining where you should store your items come next. If you need a climate-controlled storage unit, double check that your storage facility offers this option. Most storage units are inside a facility where they generally maintain temperatures between 55 and 78 degrees, along with humidity levels around 55 percent. Temperature-controlled facilities, such as heated storage units, only provide a consistent temperature, but no humidity control. Since there are no standards for climate-controlled storage, it’s important to ask the facility for their specific temperature and climate ranges, as well as what they do to ensure the units stay within those guidelines. If possible, get this information in writing.


Let’s make it easy


If you don’t want to actually haul your stuff to a storage unit, you can utilize a portable storage company. We recommend PODS®. They can keep your container in a secure Storage Center, or you can keep it in your driveway. Plus, NPP members can save up to 10% off PODS moving and storage.


BONUS: The container is delivered to your home and then picked up after you load it, so you don’t need to worry about driving a truck on icy winter roads. If you live in a cold climate and are interested in portable storage, call PODS to see if containers are available in your area.


A simple solution


PODS combines moving and storage into one easy solution. No more packing, unpacking and repacking on someone else’s schedule. Instead, they put you in control and take care of all the transportation.


The best part? NPP members can move and store with PODS for less. More than 300,000 NPP members nationwide save on products and services, such as Verizon wireless, Sherwin-Williams paint, OfficeMax discounts and much more.


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