Keep your business moving

Keep your business moving

When the power goes out, your business can’t afford to be left in the dark. Protect your equipment, clients, staff and systems with a well-performing generator. Then make sure your generator is always ready to go with the right battery! That’s where Batteries Plus Bulbs and NPP come into play.


Which battery is the right battery?


Depending on your needs, generator batteries vary from basic (for homeowners) to heavy-duty (for a construction site’s power source or for powering a large business). Even if you have a unique, older generator model, you can find a range of battery solutions to fit your needs. If you are unsure whether your battery is performing optimally, bring it into a Batteries Plus Bulbs store for free testing. If it’s not up to snuff, well, you’ll be in the right place. An associate can help you choose a brand new battery.


What about surge protection and data backups?


Guarantee that your computers stay healthy and your data stays safe from power outages, surges and voltage fluctuations with a supply of surge protectors and replacement batteries for your backup uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Batteries Plus Bulbs have an excellent selection of these products to help you keep the lights on.


Business account customers can even take advantage of free delivery, volume discounts, individualized service and other perks.


Better together


Get the exact power and lighting solutions and repair services you need at great prices with NPP and Batteries Plus Bulbs! NPP members save up to 73% on 200+ items specific to their industry. Plus, up to 40% off more than 60,000 more items. Save on cordless tool batteries, emergency lighting, flashlights, truck batteries, two-way radio batteries, LED lighting and much, much more.


If your business is not already an NPP member, register for free. There’s no obligation to buy and NPP membership is always free. Check out our catalog of deals, including wireless service, office supplies, travel, equipment and business discounts at Batteries Plus Bulbs.


With over 725 locations nationwide, plus 24/7 online ordering, working with Batteries Plus Bulbs is simple. Brighten your day with personal service at a locally owned shop that has the reach and buying power of a nationally recognized name. Put it all to work with NPP and Batteries Plus Bulbs.

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