Top 5 Vegas conference hacks

Top 5 Vegas conference hacks

By Indi Rooney


Is 2020 bringing you more business travel to trade shows and conferences? Meetings are held for every possible reason in Las Vegas, so chances are you’ll be traveling to Sin City for some good ol’ fashioned networking and sales opportunities.

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There are basically two types of people: Those who love Las Vegas and those who do not. Vegas can be tons of fun, but Vegas travel can also be incredibly hectic, overwhelming and expensive. Here are a few tips to make your business trip a little better… especially if you’re planning on putting your per diem on black 10.


Plan ahead


I know this seems trite but do a little homework before heading to the airport. Check to see what other conventions are in town. This will help you gauge crowd sizes in your immediate locale. (Las Vegas lists its meetings at


Vegas is home to approximately 150,000 hotel rooms and more than 12 million sq. ft. of exhibition or meeting spaces – so your conference may not be alone. This means that you might want to secure reservations for dinner ahead of time as lines can be long and places quickly book for private parties. No one wants to get hangry under those bright lights.


Drink up


Not what you’re thinking… unfortunately.


Keep a bottle of water in your room. Buy one in the gift shop or at a convenience mart. The bottles sold in the room are marked up considerably and they may not be the brand you prefer.

Water is important if you imbibe in after-conference drinks, but also because Vegas is indeed in a desert. The indoor air is incredibly dry and the tap water tastes like dirt. Seriously, It does. Having a bottle of tasty water always handy is key.


Catch a ride


Ride shares are great coming from the airport to your hotel. McCarran International Airport is about two miles away from the Strip and the app will tell you the price ahead of time. Cabs in the city have set flat rates for rides between the Las Vegas’ airport and the resort corridor, which means they are competing head to head with the ride shares on price. Plus, they are magically waiting for you outside of every hotel.


Cabs are also great if you are going to and from venues during the day when traffic is light. They usually run the same price as ride shares. If it’s the weekend, in the evening or during rush hour, go with a ride share so you know exactly what it’s going to cost – even if you get stuck in traffic.


Pack light


Las Vegas averages 320 days of sunshine per year and less than five inches of precipitation annually. Even if the temperature reads that it might be on the chilly side, realize that it is DRY so it may feel different to you. Also, casinos and hotels are temperature controlled and you may not be spending very much time outdoors. So, ditch your puffy coat before the airport and opt for a light jacket or, if you really need it, a sweater.

(Extra tip… ladies, leave the clunky heels at home. Pack flats and comfortable shoes. Trust me. There will be much walking, no matter what you’re planning.)


Get rewarded


Even if you don’t gamble, grab a rewards card. You can still earn points on dining, retail purchases, spa treatments and your hotel stay. Plus, sometimes you can score coupons for food or discounts on attractions when you sign up. If you are inclined to gamble, you’ll of course earn points on that, too. All it takes is a valid ID and you can start racking up points. When you return home, you might get some groovy offers from the resorts to woo you back into the city.


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