Class action opportunities found

Class action opportunities found

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and let qualified experts find valuable opportunities for your business? MCAG class action settlement recovery service does just that. They even file the paperwork and secure the check for you. MCAG settlement experts are constantly researching class action opportunities that might spell profit for your business. Eligible MCAG clients have already received hundreds of millions in payouts.


There are no bills or invoices for MCAG services. Only checks. MCAG clients pay on a contingent fee basis. That means you only pay when you get a settlement payout check. MCAG is preparing and submitting claims right now for eligible clients.


Settlement opportunities account for billions of dollars in available funds each year. Take for instance the current Visa/Mastercard class action worth more than $5 billion! Or the $1.2 billion automotive parts settlement for fleet business! To learn more about these class actions and other active settlement opportunities click on the document on this blog.


Monitoring settlement opportunities and effectively filing claims is a complex and resource-intensive process. That’s time taken from your core business efforts. MCAG experts offer extensive experience identifying and recovering non-traditional high margin revenue for organizations nationwide. MCAG doesn’t create class actions, they search for available settlement funds that apply to their clients. MCAG will then prepare the required documentation and forms and even help negotiate with claims administrators.


MCAG has identified class-action settlement opportunities involving overpaid fees, inflated technology prices, pharmaceutical litigation, airline payouts and more. Your MCAG membership never expires. MCAG will always keep an eye out for opportunities that pertain to you. NPP members can simply register for the service and let MCAG be on the lookout.


Discover financial opportunities you may have missed. Log in to your NPP account and learn more about MCAG today. Allow MCAG to find class action settlement opportunities for you.


If your business is not an NPP member, you can join NPP for free with no obligation to buy. You’ll find discounts on useful brands you probably already use. A free NPP membership offers exclusive pricing and business discounts at OfficeMax, Verizon, Sherwin-Williams, Priceline and more. Membership is free because we are 100% vendor-paid.


More than 300,000 NPP members coast-to-coast boost their bottom line with price breaks on office supplies, job site equipment, cutting edge technology and essential business services.


If you have any questions about NPP or our portfolio of offers, feel free to contact NPP customer service at 800.810.3909 during West Coast business hours or send an email to

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