Must-have phone accessories

Must-have phone accessories

By Emily Hayes


We’re finding it harder and harder to live without our cellphones and every year companies are coming out with cool new ways to trick out devices. With all the advances in technology and style, there is a never-ending supply of phone accessories on the market.


And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have the latest charger or the most durable screen protector to keep our precious smartphones safe and ready to go? With so many options to choose from, we figured it would be helpful to compile a list of must-have accessories to keep your phone looking good, powered up and safe if it hits the ground.


No wires? No problem.
We all have that one box of random cords we’ve saved over the years. Innovations like wireless chargers may be putting an end to that mess. Samsung, Belkin, mophie, Grip and others have you covered for wireless charging. They have chargers with batteries built in which are perfect for on-the-go charging. Others plug into the wall and are perfect for sitting at your desk while you contemplate taking over the universe. Keep in mind for wireless charging you do need to have a phone that is Qi compatible.


Stay crack-free. Eliminate scratches.
Everyone has dropped or scratched their phone. Repairing a screen can get spendy. Save yourself from the hassle and invest $30-40 on a nice screen protector. Choose between a clear or privacy protector and make sure it’s case-friendly with an oil-resistant coating to avoid unsightly smudges and blurring. Keep your screen squeaky clean.


Phone protection never looked so good.
A phone case is like an outfit for your phone. There’s one for every occasion! Whether you’re looking to glam it up, use it as a wallet or keep it safe during a nuclear war, you can rest assured you’ve got the perfect look. With price points from $14.99 to $79.99, a company like tech21 has phone cases for every budget. Alright, we rest our case… ha ha!


Safety fourth… on this list. Safety first on the road.
It’s easy to get distracted by your phone while driving and new laws aimed at saving lives mean big tickets for talking or texting on the road. Phone mounts are an easy fix! They attach to windshields, vents or other surfaces with non-slip suction cups, vent clips, CD slot mounts, strong magnets or an adhesive grip. Get a little extra driving insurance. Keep your hands free and your phone (and yourself) safe and secure.


Hold it, prop it, fidget with it.
So far we’ve got your phone charged, protected and mounted while driving. Now let’s move on to the ease of holding, propping or simply fidgeting with your phone. Yep, you can now do that in style!

The PopSocket or phone ring allows you to hold or carry your cell phone effortlessly or prop it up to watch videos. It’s also always there to fidget with when you can’t sit still. There’s even some that come already built into the phone case.


We hope that helps you accessorize!

There are a million places to buy phone accessories, but we’re partial to our trusted vendors and NPP members get great discounts on phones and accessories. Smartphone and tablet add-ons have certainly transitioned from a fun-to-have convenience to a necessity in order to keep our devices in fantastic shape while we swipe right.