Excited for football season

Excited for football season

By Cotton Mayer


Are you as excited for football season as I am? I’m pretty excited. I mean, I’m kind of a freak about it. I started getting pumped two months ago… and here we are, about to kick off another epic season (preseason doesn’t count, BTW). I can hardly control myself. When that pigskin starts flying, there’s a certain calm that comes over me. When I hear the sweet sound whistles and the crunch of pads, I’m in my nice place.


There is business to be done first though. This is an NPP blog so I need to tie in our B2B marketplace where businesses come to save on brands they use every day. Let’s see… hmmm… I know. Football players wear uniforms, right? Well NPP members can save big on UniFirst uniform services. UniFirst supplies business uniforms for hotels, garages, supermarkets (maybe referees?). When your staff puts on their game faces, they should look good… like winners… and NPP members stand up and cheer for up to 60% off rental and lease rates.


But I digress… who’s your favorite NFL team? Is it your hometown team? Consider yourself lucky. Some fans have to wait months for their team to visit a stadium nearby. Or they drive hours to the game. That’s a true fan. You just gotta cheer for your team, right? Maybe paint your face in team colors (did I mention NPP has discounts on paint?) and most likely lose your voice.


One time, I drove all the way… uhhh, I can feel my editor looking over my shoulder, so I better spin this like a quarterback twists a long pass. NPP business members and their employees can save on travel too! We actually have travel discounts from several vendors. Log in to NPP or sign up your business for free and discover savings of up to 75% off select hotels and resorts, even in NFL cities. That’s a solid excuse to catch your team in the nearest metropolis.


You’re going to need a reliable car though to get to the stadium in time for kickoff. NPP members also have access to a special auto buying program from TrueCar and quick and easy auto financing from myAutoloan. There’s even a TireBuyer deal where you can order new tires and wheels online with a discount.


But let’s get back to the joys of football. Do you prefer college or the pros? For me, it’s a tough call. I mean, I love the competition of any gridiron battle, but the pros are so good that sometimes it’s like watching a video game. I lean towards college ball for the hoopla and overall gameday experience.


But don’t get me wrong, I like the pros too. As I mentioned, I’m kind of a football freak, so I have several fantasy football teams (let’s say a couple that my wife knows about). So I watch NFL RedZone on Sundays to see how all my fantasy players perform. I get my honeydew chores done in the morning then I tune in and say it along with Scott Hanson, “Seven hours of commercial-free football starts now!” It’s music to my ears (my wife just groans and goes upstairs).


You might think it would be difficult to watch seven straight hours of big plays and touchdowns across the league. I’m a little embarrassed to say just how easy it is for me.


The RedZone channel is a fantasy footballers dream. All the good stuff without any punts or timeouts. In a way, it’s a lot like NPP, y’know. You get all the advantages in one convenient place. It saves time and… this part is different from RedZone… it also saves you money!


Check out what NPP has to offer and decide if it’s right for your business. Membership is open to companies, large and small, and it’s free. That’s right, no membership fee or dues and no obligation to buy. Check out all the deals for your business. We think you’ll find plenty of benefits for your bottom line as well as deals you can share with your employees.


Okay, I gotta go! It’s almost time for kickoff!