Tips for providing extra employee perks

Tips for providing extra employee perks

Looking for an easy way to reward your employees for their hard work and dedication? Employee perks are an appealing addition to traditional benefits like medical, life, disability and retirement plans. Most importantly, an expanded employee benefits package helps your business attract and retain top talent, so you can rise above your competition.

The toughest part may be finding the time (or staff) to develop your custom perks plan. Big corporations have the assets to research and curate employee perks with all the bells and whistles and websites. But smaller businesses need to rely on their entrepreneurial spirit to get the job done. Dig deep for that moxie and customize your DIY perks plan. Your employees will appreciate it.

Here are a few quick tips to get the ball rolling.
  • Focus on fun, family and experiences. Keep the spirit positive. Company culture extends beyond work and it’s meaningful when employees can enjoy experiences in their free time.
  • Offer practical perks too. Help your employees save money during the work week. Transportation discounts and communal meals are well-liked perks. Even casual Fridays and work from home days are popular bonuses that show your employees you care.
  • Keep it local. Make sure your employees don’t have to travel too far to enjoy their benefits. Local perks showcase your business location and also encourage a sense of local pride.
  • Ask your team what they want. Don’t forget to survey your team to expand your list of perks. Make it clear you can’t satisfy every request, but it’s important to show them you are listening and interested.

Still sound improbable? Well, there is a one-stop solution that may solve everything. It’s a simple way to establish a whole suite of employee perks… and you may discover discounts for your business too.

Group purchasing organizations, like National Purchasing Partners (NPP), specialize in B2B discounts, but they also offer a portfolio of employee deals. Businesses can join NPP for free and then choose the best brands to fit their needs, whether it’s business savings or employee perks.

Never heard of “group purchasing?” Group purchasing organizations (or GPOs) have been around for decades (NPP has been in business for almost twenty years). They gather the buying power of widespread business members and then they use that buying power to negotiate top discounts from major brands.

Along with deals on technology, equipment and office supplies, NPP provides a full catalog of employee discounts to share, from computers to sunglasses, wireless service to travel deals. Not only does your company save money, but your employees pay less too. Employee perks from NPP can boost company morale and help your business attract the best new employees. You don’t have to use NPP exclusively. You can offer NPP deals alongside your other employee perks.

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Since 2001, NPP has been a trusted savings provider for hundreds of thousands of businesses in a wide variety of industries. Membership is currently more than 300,000. NPP is 100% vendor-paid, so businesses can join for free and there’s no obligation to buy anything.

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