Construction Management Tool

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Everything you need in a construction management tool. Create and send estimates and invoices easily. Protect your profit margins with easy-to-use change orders. Get all your project information in one place. Projul is the trusted tool that growing construction companies use to scale their businesses.

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CRM / Lead Pipeline

Ensure your team makes the most of every lead. New leads automatically import to your account. Your team can save time and energy importing new leads from Projul’s contact form integration option – complete with immediate alerts to new leads

Create estimates in record time. Create estimate templates to allow your team to apply, adjust, and send in minutes instead of hours. Collect e-Signatures for approval.

Automatically create invoices. Convert an estimate to an invoice and get paid instantly. Accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers or ACH payments (or simply record a check).

Project Management

Give your team the tools to have a cohesive plan for every project. Change orders made easy. Your team can create signatures from their phones or tablets and receive immediate approval from customers. Complete with a recorded e-Signature.

Different scheduling views for individual preferences. Projul ensures every member of the team has a view they can wrap their head around. Gantt Views, Calendar Views and Daily Views, to name a few…

Automate payroll by timetracking. Verify employee hours with a history and live geolocation points. Once time logs have been approved, automatically sync or export.

Reports & QuickBooks Syncing

Actionable reports to secure profits and scale your company. Sync documents to QuickBooks the right way. Your Bookkeeper should rest easy knowing that every estimate, invoice and change order is synced by the line item, ensuring accurate reports.

Grow your sales utilizing easy-to-understand reports. Estimator performance, number and value of accepted estimates sent – even closing ratios in individual zip codes – and more!

Automatically sync job costing with recorded hours. All projects store valuable job costing details that are updated based on when users clock in/out. Know when your margins are on track with your budgets!

Construction Management Software

Projul is the trusted tool that growing construction companies use to scale their businesses. Built by construction pros. With honest pricing.

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