Beat the heat with Airgas

Beat the heat with Airgas

By Kat Vranas


When summertime hits, many of us think about firing up the grill. It’s time to enjoy the hard-earned rewards of a long winter’s work. I can almost hear the meat and veggies sizzling over the briquets. For food manufacturers though, a bigger focus is keeping perishable food either frozen or chilled from packing to shipping. Food shelf life and quality taste are of the utmost concern. Food companies focus on cold storage for both customer safety and the bottom line.


For these reasons, Airgas offers a full line of food freezing and chilling equipment to support food manufacturers and other businesses who deal with food day in and day out. With more efficient cold storage systems, companies can shorten freezing time and preserve high quality taste and optimal texture of food items. Airgas also carries equipment and applications that reduce dehydration to help maintain product quality and maximize profits with lower waste and higher yields.


Airgas representatives are available to help your business decide which systems are best for you. Is it liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide? Airgas reps are knowledgeable experts, ready to help you make the right choice. Not only can you optimize your cold systems, but you can speak with engineers to help create and maintain the ideal freezing and chilling solutions for poultry, beef, shellfish, ice cream and more.


If you’re one of the many manufacturers and distribution centers for food products across the country, Airgas helps you save on food grade gases, first aid supplies and safety equipment. NPP members have access to special pricing and discounts on a variety of items that can further boost your bottom line.


If your business is not already an NPP member, join NPP for free. There’s no obligation to buy anything, but NPP has been helping small and large companies save on work essentials for 20 years. We offer a catalog of discounts from brands such as Staples, Verizon, Sherwin-Williams, Airgas and more.


How do we do it? Well, we use the buying power of more than 300,000 NPP members to secure the same top tier prices that big corporations get. Score one for the little guy (or medium-sized… or even large companies).


You can contact NPP customer service at or 800.810.3909 with any questions about our Airgas offer or discounts on uniforms and office supplies, an exceptional Verizon wireless deal, special pricing for small businesses or just how NPP works. We’re happy to help.


Lower your business costs with NPP. Stay chill with Airgas.

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