To dad, with love

To dad, with love

By Indi Rooney


Father’s Day is coming up! Maybe you are a dad. Maybe you work with dads. Maybe you are thinking of your dad. June 21 is the time to celebrate dads everywhere.


In my household, Father’s Day versus Mother’s Day is a competition for garnering the most awwwwws. My husband is a fantastic dad and he thinks I’m a pretty good mom, so every year we try to out-gift each other for these holidays that celebrate parents.


We do a mixture of homemade and homespun items as well as clever store-bought gifts. His expertise is the homespun. He’s an avid cook, so the whole day is usually a gluttony of delicious, homemade food. He also buys me chocolates from Simply Chocolate. I don’t think he knows we have an NPP discount.


I, on the other hand, do not cook but I have access to the NPP discount. This year, I plan to use it. A lot. We’ve been cooped up in our house for months thanks to COVID-19 and I’ve noticed a few things we need.


One, his personal tablet keeps getting stolen by our children who may or may not be doing homework or playing Minecraft. Hard to tell. Regardless, this guy needs a new tablet of his own. You know who has a lot of great tablets for sale? Verizon. They also have a ton of cellular accessories, so maybe a sassy new phone case is in store, too.


My husband usually wears a suit to the office. He has yet to really embrace the whole WFH wardrobe. I am going to introduce him to the joys of Skechers Stretch Fit shoes. Almost as great as house slippers. I am tossing another pair in the basket for him.


The guy also loves to work in the yard and does quite a few woodworking projects. He’s always losing his work gloves and safety glasses (usually left on the top of his head… but hey). Airgas offers tons of work and safety equipment, including gloves and goggles. They also have an assortment of workwear, apparel and gear from brands such as Dickies, Terra and Red Kap… many are eligible for free shipping with no minimum order. That means I can get him one of whatever I think will look good on him.


You know what we – I mean HE also needs? Some cookies! Cheryl’s Cookies are amazing and who doesn’t like discount cookies. Those sugary buttery cookies are perfect for celebrating any occasion. NPP members can save on those as well.


After all that shopping, I’m tired.  I think I’ll also  get some more of those chocolates or maybe some flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS. I deserve it for being such a good wife. I really do. And I’m using the NPP discount… so hey.


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