Haiku Day the NPP way

Haiku Day the NPP way

By Indi Rooney


Team NPP loves haiku. These Japanese poems have seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven and five. Try it. You just might like it.


Many of us are working alone at home, so sometimes you need ideas to keep your team connected. At NPP, we decided to celebrate National Haiku Day, April 18, with WFH and COVID-related haiku. We posted our haiku on our team chat and then we voted (with emoji likes) for our favorites.


Here are some of the top entries:


Happiness is Teams.

Friendly virtual faces

Arizona warm.


(We’re located in Seattle, but our haiku exercise clearly evoked various emotions from our work from home desks)


Social distancing

Is the key to surviving.

Keep going my friends.


WFH yes, sir!

Coffee, laptop, fluffy cat

Knock out work quickly.


I’m over “me” time.

I read five books this week.

Just kidding, I napped.


Lend a helping hand.

Metaphorically, duh!

Real touching is bad.


The absolute winner scored the ultimate quarantine prize – a 1000-piece puzzle – shipped right to their house. The office curmudgeon submitted this one for the gold:


Insensitive, yes

But I wouldn’t touch you guys

With a six-foot pole


We hope you enjoyed our haikus and you are inspired to write some of your own. Also, those of us at NPP know that many of our member companies are facing difficult times. We just want you to know that we are here for you, offering the same business discounts and great brands as ever before.


Contact NPP customer service at 800.810.3909 if you have any questions. Ask about small business specials, enterprise solutions and additional deals that can help you save money and time while you work from home or the office. We are here to help you.