Verizon helps small businesses

Verizon helps small businesses

Verizon helps the small business community in many ways. With COVID-19 social distancing measures currently in place nationwide, Verizon has reinforced its pledge to Keep Americans Connected, adding multiple ways to support consumer and small business customers.


The company announced that it will add 15GB of high-speed data to Verizon wireless plans in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Eligible businesses with 50 lines or less will automatically receive 15GB of additional data from March 25 through May 31, 2020. Verizon will also waive overage charges and late fees for those affected by the crisis, as well as waive internet and voice service for those on its discount Lifeline plan.


New consumer and business customers can also take advantage of this additional data:

• For Verizon consumer and small business postpaid unlimited customers, 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data will be added to your current plan.


• For Verizon consumer prepaid and consumer and small business postpaid metered customers, 15GB will be added to your current standalone or shared data plan, which can be used for smartphone, hotspot or other connected device use.


• Standalone metered and unlimited Jetpack plans will also be provided an additional 15GB of 4G LTE data.


• There is no action needed as the data will automatically be added to your plan.

“We understand the hardships that many of our customers are facing, and we’re doing our part to ensure they have broadband internet connectivity during this unprecedented time,” said Ronan Dunne, CEO, Verizon Consumer Group.


In addition, Verizon will waive overage charges and late fees to support customers who may be financially affected by the COVID-19 crisis. They also announced two months of waived internet and voice service charges for current Lifeline customers and a new affordable internet option for low-income households.


“With so many Americans working and learning remotely from home, having access to reliable and affordable internet is more important than ever before,” Dunne added.


The changes are in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s 60-day Keep Americans Connected Pledge. The pledge asks US internet service providers to not terminate service for residential and small business customers, waive late fees incurred as a result of the pandemic, and provide open access public Wi-Fi hotspots to “any American who needs them.”


NPP members can contact their Verizon business rep if they require further information. We also encourage NPP members to read Verizon’s Emergency Management announcement here.


“Verizon and NPP have partnered successfully for more than 12 years,” said Andrew Forrester, NPP president. “Their commitment to Keep Americans Connected during the current coronavirus pandemic is an excellent example of why we work with exceptional brands like Verizon.”


NPP offers a Verizon company discount for companies of all sizes across the nation. NPP membership is free and there is no obligation to purchase.

Verizon continues to support customers who may find themselves needing additional data in order to learn, work or keep connected during this challenging time. That’s why today, for those residential and small business wireless customers whose economic circumstances have been impacted due to the coronavirus, Verizon is waiving overage charges in addition to our Keep Americans Connected pledge to not terminate service and waive late fees. We’re also offering new internet options for low-income households and adding 15GB of 4G LTE data to consumer and small business plans automatically.