5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work

5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work

By Indi Rooney


I know what you’re thinking. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have any place in the modern workplace. Oh, but you’re wrong! There are plenty of good ways to show the love on this lovey day.


If you’re full of love and you’re looking for a fun way to bring your team together, we have a few suggestions to celebrate V-Day in enjoyable (and cost-effective) ways.


1. Share the Love

Volunteer in your community. It’s a great team building opportunity and basically costs nothing beyond a bit of lost productivity time. You can read to students at your local elementary school, visit a retirement home or cuddle a dog at your area shelter. It’s all abut being charitable. You can even volunteer with hospitals in your community. We are particularly partial to… ahem… Virginia Mason because of our special relationship with Benaroya Research Institute.


2. Secret Cupid


Have everyone draw names and buy a little gift for each other on V-Day. It’s like Secret Santa” but instead of the big guy, it’s a cherub with a bow and arrow and chocolate! (PSA: No one needs to dress as cupid for the gift giving.)


NPP members save on chocolates from Simply Chocolate. Name brand, fancy chocolates delivered to your office. How easy is that?


3. A Happy Heart Potluck


Select a time for your team to gather over “heart-healthy” potluck options. Everyone brings in salads, hardy-but-healthy soups and crudité platters. Or, if you don’t care about your cholesterol, Karen, you can throw a Valentine’s Day bake off. Pink-iced cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies. Mmmmm.


If you aren’t an expert baker, no one will fault you for grabbing an assorted, heart-themed cookie delivery from Cheryl’s Cookies. They are pretty AND delicious.


And when you’re ready to clean up, you can use the discounted break room supplies you got through NPP, of course, to clean the office up in a breeze and make your space look magical again.


4. Darling Doily Decorations


Encourage your team to decorate their work areas in a Valentine’s Day theme. Cut delicate heart-shaped doilies out of white copy paper. Have a contest to pick the winner. Easy, quick and fun. For the prize…


5. Red Pens Galore!


Check out the new TRU RED pens line available exclusively at Staples. This line of business essentials is designed thoughtfully to work beautifully. The pens and markers feature an innovative “squircle” (think round with the edges somewhat gently squared off) shape, which means it won’t roll of your desk. In addition to the anti-roll technology, the TRU RED also offers an amazing writing experience.


It’s an inexpensive and fun way to say thanks to your entire team. (Naturally, NPP members get a Staples deal for businesses as well…)


No matter how you celebrate, it is nice to bring some love to the office.


Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at NPP. We love you!