How a special relationship helps businesses and funds medical research

How a special relationship helps businesses and funds medical research

Sorry, folks. We’re taken.

National Purchasing Partners is in a committed relationship. It’s a relationship with a feel-good story. It’s a relationship that involves businesses, large and small, across the nation. It’s a relationship that began nearly 20 years ago when NPP proposed to provide B2B discounts, and, in turn, give back funds to advance ground-breaking medical research.

Would we be compatible?

Would we get along and could such a win-win idea really succeed? Well, to make a long story short, the engagement was a success. Since 2001, NPP has grown to more than 300,000 members and contributed more than $130 million to organizations dedicated to medical research and care, like Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason (BRI) in Seattle, WA.

Devoted to autoimmune disease research

BRI is one of the few research institutes in the world dedicated to finding causes and cures for autoimmune and immune system diseases, as well as ways to rebalance the immune system back to health. They have a mission to predict, prevent, reverse and cure immune system diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, Crohn’s disease, allergies and asthma.


Because diseases of the immune system are connected, so is BRI’s approach to researching them. BRI believes that a breakthrough in one of these diseases can lead to progress against them all. Through work with researchers and other institutions worldwide, BRI connects laboratory research to clinical interventions, translating discoveries to real-life application. Learn more about BRI.

Dedicated to helping businesses

NPP, on the other hand, is a trusted savings provider for business discounts and employee deals. NPP leverages the buying power of 300,000+ coast-to-coast members to negotiate top-tier price breaks normally only available to the largest corporations.


NPP members have access to great deals on wireless, technology, office supplies, travel, equipment… stuff they use every day. They can grow and succeed. Plus, they get peace of mind knowing that their purchases make a difference and keeps our relationship humming along.

Connected at the hip

NPP is owned by non-profit hospitals and contributes a substantial amount of proceeds to medical research and care. NPP is 100% paid by its vendors, so membership is free for businesses of all sizes and their employees and members have no obligation to buy.

Save money. Save lives.

Working together and giving back are ideas we can all embrace. NPP is proud to be in a committed relationship with BRI. We are also thrilled to help businesses of all sizes get ahead. By working together, we believe everyone can benefit.


If you have questions about NPP or our cause, please contact NPP customer service at 800.810.3909. You’ll talk to a real person (during business hours, of course) who can tell you more about NPP membership and help you find useful solutions for your business and employees.


NPP has been working with businesses, from mom and pops to enterprise, along with organizations like BRI, for almost 20 years. Our motto is “Save money. Save lives.”


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