The five P’s of avoiding travel stress

The five P’s of avoiding travel stress

By Paul Hagan


Whether meeting with clients, visiting a new job site or attending conferences, travel is an essential part of running a business. And any time you leave your comfort zone, travel can stress you out with all the things that can go horribly wrong! Set yourself up for success with these trip-saving behaviors.


1. Pick a winner. You can’t book travel around untimely weather, but you can choose a timely airline. Recent surveys have cited Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Spirit Airlines as your safest bets for avoiding flight delays. When shopping around for Priceline deals, filter your results by airlines with the least risk of delay.


2. Precheck yourself. Sure, your flight is on time, but are you? Security lines often bog down unexpectantly, leaving you with two options: arrive early (target two hours) or take advantage of TSA Precheck. For $85 for five years, you can bypass a lot of the hassle and keep your shoes on. Better yet, you can visit a nearby Staples to sign up.

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3. Pack it in. If you want to remove all the risk, just pack super light and never check a bag. Simple, right? Okay, checking a bag is often unavoidable, so make sure you have unique, easy-to-spot luggage tags. You’ll stand out from the other 200 black Samsonite Leverage LTE Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels on the carousel.


4. Pregame accommodations. In this oh-so modern day, there’s no reason to stay at a hotel that doesn’t provide free WiFi. When shopping hospitality providers, ensure you aren’t paying for the ability to get work done online. Complimentary breakfast is also a plus.

5. Pump it up. Just because you’re traveling for business doesn’t mean you can’t take in the sights. Grab a good pair of travel shoes, such as Skechers YOU line, so you don’t limp into your meeting after being on your feet all day.


By doing a bit of prep work, you can avoid so many stressors during travel. Then all you need to worry about on your flight is the seat-kicker behind you, crying babies across the aisle, barefoot bandits and stink-lords. Good luck.

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