Primer 101: A solid foundation

Primer 101: A solid foundation

By Cotton Mayer


My neighbor is painting his shed. It’s a nice gesture, since the shed faces our yard and the previous paint job was peeling badly. The problem is, he didn’t use primer and the results are… well… not exactly “professional.”

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I might have made the same mistake, but I was recently assigned this very blog for our partner brand Sherwin-Williams—the painting experts who consult professional contractors, builders and architects across the nation.


Because of my “Primer 101” research, I took one look at that shed and said, “He should have used Sherwin-Williams primer.” Sherwin-Williams has a family of primers that give you a smooth, professional finish coat and long-lasting results. The wide selection makes it easy to find the right primer for any surface.


I’ll even let you in on a valuable secret: Businesses of all sizes can get special pricing from Sherwin-Williams. The details are below, but first, let’s get primed for primer.

Why use primer?


Quality primer is an integral first step to a great-looking finish and results that you and your client can feel confident about for years to come. Primer is better than applying multiple coats of paint. In fact, multiple coats alone can do more harm than good. Here are a few of the key benefits of quality primer:

• A primer tinted to the recommended shade of gray creates the ideal balance of light absorption to achieve the correct color in fewer coats


• Sherwin-Williams primer is specially formulated to make sure the top coat of paint adheres to the surface for a long-lasting finish


• Their primers are engineered to fill and bind with underlying surfaces. Without primer, the top coat of paint can soak unevenly into the surface and begin peeling which sends you back to square one—or worse

Explore a range of Sherwin-Williams primers, including multi-purpose latex, quick drying interior, exterior and industrial primers.

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Oh, and here’s that little secret: Eligible businesses can join NPP for free and receive special pricing, both online and in-store, from Sherwin-Williams. There’s no obligation to buy. NPP members enjoy business discounts and deals from a variety of useful brands.

Contact NPP customer service if you have any questions about NPP membership or special pricing from Sherwin-Williams. Once you sign up for Sherwin-Williams member pricing, you can get primer, paint and expert support at 4,000 Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide. Order online and safely pick up at your nearest Sherwin-Williams location. Sherwin-Williams has you covered.

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