A better phone for work

A better phone for work

In early 2020, Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro. If you communicate and collaborate with your team in the field or across the country, these rugged phones will help you work smarter. They can be tailored to the unique business needs of various industries, including construction, manufacturing, retail and transportation. The Galaxy XCover Pro elevates the capability of every team member to perform multiple tasks on one device, no matter where the job takes them.


Work is hard, communicating should be easy.


The Galaxy XCover Pro features Push-to-Talk and allows integrations with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Verizon Push-to-Talk that enable businesses to be highly productive outside the office and in tough environments. Now, you can rely on one device for seamless transition and collaboration anywhere—without sacrifice.


Work any place, any time.


With the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, you can feel confident tackling any job, in any place, in any condition. Your work doesn’t stop, so the Galaxy XCover Pro offers power for hours, meaning a full shift and more. Create, edit and collaborate all day.


Get more done. Without sacrifice.


According to the Forbes article, The Future of BYOD: Statistics, Predictions and Best Practices to Prep for the Future, using rugged multi-use devices for frontline tasks saves employees 58 minutes per day while increasing productivity by 34%. The Galaxy XCover Pro is built for the future of work, with no tradeoffs between cutting-edge productivity and performance.


Rugged military-grade construction.


Built to stand up to challenges the real world dishes out without sacrificing on experience. The Galaxy XCover Pro withstood all 21 of the MIL-STD-810G tests* in addition to withstanding repeated 1.5M drop tests. Plus, these rugged, reliable smartphones have an IP68 rating giving them resistance to dust, dirt, sand, and water.


Keep your gloves on.


Get more done with Enhanced Touch capabilities for use with gloves and in wet conditions. Finally, the gloves don’t have to come off.


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Discover a new Galaxy.


To recap, you should enable your team to adapt to an ever-changing business environment and work smarter. Learn about all the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has to offer, including these benefits and more.


  • • Communicate on-demand with push-to-talk
  • • Rugged military-grade build, yet elegant design
  • • Improved features for better productivity
  • • Enhanced touch, so you don’t have to take your gloves off


Experience a better work phone that is customizable to your unique business needs with a rich partner ecosystem for industry-specific software and hardware integrations.


Here is the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro YouTube video to whet your appetite.

*These devices passed military specification (MIL-STD-810G) testing against a subset of 21 specific environmental conditions, including temperature, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude. Real world usage varies from the specific environmental conditions used in MIL-STD-810G testing. Samsung does not guarantee device performance in all extreme conditions. Please see the inbox Quick Sales Guide.


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