Get ahead of your summer projects

Get ahead of your summer projects

By Emily Hayes


Summer is in full swing, which is prime time to re-paint or touch up your business. Let me paint you a picture (see what I did there?). Summer more than likely means the sun is out and the temperature is warm. It’s the perfect conditions to take action and give your business the sparkle it needs and deserves!


What’s holding you back? Certainly not the rainy, haphazard spring weather. Maybe you’ve got a limited budget and you need to find a price that fits? Well, if you’re a member of NPP (the site you’re on right now), we can give you access to negotiated top-tier pricing from none other than Sherwin-Williams.


Sherwin-Williams is more than just the largest specialty retailer of paints and painting supplies in the U.S. They have a history of excellence and innovation that includes the first successful ready-mixed paint and the most comprehensive color selection system ever, ColorSnap®. Their wide selection of paints and coatings provides options for chemical, architectural and industrial projects as well as simply putting a new coat of paint on the interior and exterior of your business.


Our negotiated Sherwin-Williams deal goes way beyond general supplies and rollers. Sherwin-Williams equips contractors with the tools necessary to manage orders, color selections, invoices, purchase history and more from The e-commerce platform is available on your desktop and as an app on iPhone and Android. Contractors and other businesses can now order paints and supplies with ease and efficiency.


You’ll find convenience throughout the process. First, it’s easy (and FREE) to enroll your business with NPP. Businesses of all sizes get more than just great pricing at Sherwin-Williams. You’ll also find exclusive discounts on wireless service, travel, office supplies, gear and equipment.


So get into the groove of summer and let NPP and Sherwin-Williams help you complete your summer projects… for an affordable price, of course. We encourage you to sign up with NPP and then create a profile at, where NPP members can see what they save with their NPP discount. Shop online and enjoy a fast order turnaround at more than 4,000 Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide.


If you have any questions about NPP or our partnership with Sherwin-Williams, Please contact us at or 800.810.3909. NPP has more than 300,000 members nationwide and partners with dozens of recognizable brands. You know what they say, “teamwork makes the dream work” and NPP brands help businesses in so many ways.


Learn more about NPP. We’ve been helping businesses, like yours, since 2001. Let’s have a safe and productive summer!

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