Better designed pens (and office supplies)

Better designed pens (and office supplies)

By Indi Rooney


It’s the age-old annoyance. You’re working away, you pause, you put down your pen or pencil and it rolls right off the desk. Grrr!


What if we told you that Staples carries a brand that eliminates this pesky problem? You’d be super excited, right? I mean, game changer, right? No more bending down and accidentally whacking your head on the desk to retrieve your wayward pencil.


Check out the new TRU RED™ line available exclusively at Staples. This line of business essentials is designed thoughtfully to work beautifully.


The pens and markers feature an innovative “squircle” (think round with the edges somewhat gently squared off) shape, which means it won’t roll of your desk.


In addition to the anti-roll technology, the TRU RED line also offers an amazing writing sensation with a rubberized comfort grip that has a lovely hand-feel. The tips of the writing utensils are precise and deliver elegant lines. They come in a variety of beautiful colors to match your style or personal preferences. The ink has been developed to leave no smudge behind (even if you’re a lefty!), because it has an advanced quick dry formula.


All of this adds up to an effortless, joyful writing experience. You deserve that.


The TRU RED line also features other well-designed office supply products. Lovely journals with paper layouts that are perfect for every note-taking style. The quality of the paper is superb, too. It’s smooth and heavy weight. Then there’s the binding. Sturdy and fantastic. The journals also feature an interior pocket so you can stash business cards, handouts, receipts or other notes.


In addition to writing tools and journals, TRU RED also makes cutting-edge scissors (get it?) featuring ergonomic handles and titanium coated blades for precision cutting. There are sassy and functional desk organizers to keep all your office supplies organized and in one place. They even offer an advanced line of elegant paper shredders that won’t make your copy room look tacky and dated.


Speaking of tacky, TRU RED’s line of sturdy storage bins is a refreshing change from other chintzy brands that we’ve been forced to use for years. This streamlined take offers a cool new look with a hinged lid that fits tight and is securely stackable.


These products point to a collection that is designed to allow you to have comfort, style and function all in one tidy package. This line is available exclusively at Staples and, here’s a bonus, NPP members can save on Staples products! Check out our deal on Staples office supplies.