USPAY credit card processing

USPAY credit card processing

USPAY has teamed with National Purchasing Partners (NPP) to offer businesses a .99% retail qualified rate for credit card processing, plus free equipment and terminal. USPAY Gateway provides reliable, secure and affordable payment processing for virtually all payment types with 100% payment card industry (PCI) compliance.

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Executives at USPAY combine 50 years of experience in the payment processing arena. They understand and address the needs of today’s business owners by providing superior credit card processing service to merchants of all types. A team of dedicated professionals analyze businesses payment acceptance practices and design customized cost-saving payment solutions using state-of-the-art electronic payment processing technology.


Whether you are a small startup or a multi-location franchise, USPAY proudly services all business types nationwide, designing solutions with a wide array of the most advanced POS credit card terminals on the market.


“We are very happy to partner with USPAY and offer their Gateway service to our business members around the country,” said NPP COO Kamran Jafri. “USPAY has exceptional experience in the payment card industry and they pride themselves on the speed and security of transactions. We believe the Gateway service will be a boon to our members and are very excited for this new partnership.”


NPP strives to consistently bring our business and employee members the best products, services and deals in an easy-to-use B2B marketplace.


If your business is not already an NPP member, you can join NPP at no cost. More than 300,000 NPP members save on essential products they use every day from recognized brands such as Verizon wireless, Sherwin-Williams paints, Office Depot and OfficeMax office supplies, UniFirst uniform services and many more.


For more information visit our About Us page or call 800.810.3909 for NPP customer service. Learn how you can boost your bottom line by leveraging the buying power of our nationwide membership. NPP is 100% vendor paid, so membership is always free with no obligation to purchase.


NPP has been a trusted savings provider for small businesses, as well as large companies, for nearly 20 years. Explore our diverse catalog of business discounts for a wide variety of industries. There are even discounts for employees that you can share once you are an NPP member.


Oh, and don’t forget to ask about the deal on exceptional payment processing available through USPAY Gateway. USPAY is payments simplified.


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