Save on summer travel

Save on summer travel

It’s time for summer vacation… or maybe it’s summer work. Either way, you can get special travel discounts on hotels from Priceline at NPP members save up to an extra 25% OFF “On Sale” hotels when they bundle a trip.


Members enjoy special pricing from the Priceline Partner Network throughout the year, but summer is one of the best times to get away. Go find the perfect spot to enjoy the weather and save some money while you’re at it.


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If you are one of 300,000 NPP members nationwide, go ahead and log in to NPP and book your next trip today. You can save with discount hotel rooms. Whether it’s work or play, the NPP Priceline discount portal is a smart, easy way to bundle your trip and save on accommodations.


The Priceline Partner Network connects with all major airlines, all major rental car brands and more than 700,000 hotels around the globe. Priceline features a vast catalog of travel content to help you plan your next adventure. Make sure to sign up for NPP savings and take advantage of the Priceline Partner Network.


NPP business members save with confidence and convenience at Explore our catalog of exclusive discounts and negotiated pricing for businesses of all sizes in diverse industries. Our negotiating power comes from our vast membership. Since 2001, NPP has provided top-tier discounts to companies, large and small.


In that time, NPP member purchases have helped support the important research of autoimmune diseases. NPP is owned by non-profit hospitals and has contributed more than $100 million to medical research and care. Your purchases make a true difference.


If you have any questions about NPP or our cause, please contact NPP customer service at or 800.810.3909. Sign up. Sign in. Save.



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