B2B Discounts for 2019 | NPP

B2B Discounts for 2019 | NPP

The end of the year is a time to gather with people you care about, reflect on the past year and celebrate with good cheer. However, when you start the new year, don’t forget about all the hard work you did in 2018. After all, being a business owner takes a lot of effort.


When you consider all the hours you put in, clearly your business and employees are a big part of your year too. Maybe you should do something special for your company this year? A holiday party is nice and all, but are there business improvements you can make today that would have a positive influence throughout the year? Improving your bottom line opens new opportunities, boosts morale and, who knows, maybe make next year’s holiday party truly epic!


The problem with most business improvement plans is that they require an investment and that’s usually where the planning stops. But there are simple ways to cut business costs, and even reward your employees, without additional spending on marketing or technology. You don’t even have to shop for smaller offices on the edge of town.


Group purchasing organizations are used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses to compete with giant corporations. GPOs accumulate the buying power of small business members to negotiate pricing usually reserved for enterprises. Joining a GPO is common method for saving money and requires minimal effort. In fact, there’s rarely a membership fee and the GPO will help you find the best offers for your business.


National Purchasing Partners (NPP) is a leading GPO that serves businesses of all sizes. Membership is free and there’s no obligation to purchase. Once a business enrolls, it can save on a portfolio of discounts, from office supplies to wireless, technology to travel. NPP even features employee deals so business owners can share the perks of membership.


NPP has been helping businesses save money since 2001, providing B2B savings to hundreds of thousands of members coast to coast. Because NPP is owned by non-profit hospitals, a significant portion of proceeds go toward the research of autoimmune diseases. Learn more about NPP’s cause.


The end of the year is a time for reflection and celebration, but it’s also a time for giving and, let’s face it… saving. Could your business benefit from discounts on brands like Staples, Verizon, Adobe, Priceline, Airgas, Sherwin-Williams, Office Depot and more?


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From all of us at NPP, we hope you enjoy a positive and prosperous new year. Contact us if you have any questions about our B2B marketplace or our catalog of products and services.