Up to 18% OFF monthly access fees

Verizon Offer for Employees

Verizon Offer for Employees

NPP business members save a lot when they sign up for Verizon wireless savings. But did you know that NPP has a similar offer for the employees of NPP business member? That’s right. Employees and their families get up to 18% OFF Verizon monthly access fees, plus 25% OFF the purchase of eligible accessories.*

Your team just needs your company passcode to enroll for NPP employee discounts, then they can sign up for the Verizon employee offer and everybody wins! Employee enrollment opens a world of discounts and great savings from a variety of brands.

If you need your company passcode or if you have any questions about either Verizon offer, please contact NPP customer service at [email protected] or 800.810.3909. NPP offers a full portfolio of exclusive deals and negotiated pricing for businesses of all sizes… and their employees.

Thanks to NPP’s large coast-to-coast membership, small and mid-sized companies can experience special pricing just like the largest corporations. National Purchasing Partners (NPP) has been offering exclusive savings to an engaged B2B community for nearly 20 years.

If your business is not already an NPP member, sign up for a free business membership today. There is no obligation to purchase.


*Employees 25% accessory discount is valid for non-discounted, retail price of qualifying accessories, provided that the accessory is purchased online at www.verizonwireless.com/accessories. Employees receive a 10% discount if qualifying accessories are purchased at retail locations or through Verizon representatives.
Taxes and surcharges will apply.
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