Fleet Driver License Monitoring System

Continuous driver license status and violation monitoring

SuperVision lets you monitor moving violations, license status and MVR updates, set preferences, import and manage driver rosters and more, all from your desktop, laptop or tablet. Email notifications and our online management system allow you to easily and quickly identify changes, track violations, and identify potential problem drivers. Automated MVR ordering, scheduled and batch MVR orders, and warehousing of MVR’s reduce the administrative burden normally associated with MVR’s.

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NPP members receive:

  • $0.10/driver per month discount on monitoring service

  • Automated and scheduled MVR ordering

  • 50 state coverage

  • Mobile tools

  • Risk scoring tools

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Get the fastest notifications of moving violations and changes to driver license status (suspensions, revocations, expirations, med cert downgrades). Even if the change is due to a non-driving offense such as failure to pay child support or unpaid parking tickets. Each alert comes with an updated MVR.

Reduce Risk & Enhance Safety

Reduce your potential negligent entrustment risk. Continuous monitoring provides earlier detection of violations & suspensions/revocations which allows you take corrective action sooner.

Low Cost

SuperVision does not charge any user fees, training fees, or system maintenance fees. Bonus: Many insurance companies offer lower premiums with continuous monitoring in place.

Permission Based Access

Give login access along the management chain. Permission based access allows you to choose what your team sees and the actions they can take. From read-only access to complete administrative control. Group your team by division/location/line of business.


Clients are assigned a dedicated Account Representative for support. They’re available for training, setup and questions regarding Motor Vehicle Record data.

License Monitoring System

SuperVision is the only driver license monitoring service that provides continuous driver license status and violation updates from all 50 states and D.C. to ensure fleet safety and compliance.

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