Spy Optic, Inc.

Style, Quality & Performance Eyewear

50% OFF sunglasses and apparel

Spy Optic sunglasses dominate the competition with superior style, quality and performance. Now NPP members receive exclusive pricing from this renowned maker of premium sunglasses, snow goggles, moto goggles, Rx frames and more.

NPP members receive

  • 50% OFF sunglasses and apparel (excluding current sale items)

  • Superior color & contrast enhancement

  • Distortion-free Arc® lenses

Additional Information

Spy Optic Lenses Benefits

  • Offers superior color and contrast enhancement
  • Allows in sun’s “good” rays while blocking “bad” rays
  • Creates an uplift in mood and alertness
  • Relaxes eyes to reduce fatigue
  • Accentuates changes in terrain


Q: How do I get my discount?

A: Go to www.spyoptic.com and shop around. When you’re finished and ready for checkout, enter the February promotion code and apply it to see your discounted price.

Q: Is the discount available to just sunglasses or other items on their website?

A: The discount applies to all items shopped at www.spyoptic.com

Q: My promotion code isn’t working.

A: Promotion codes can change every month, make sure you are using the current code

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