Workplace Emergency Management & Communication

Monthly subscriptions start at $1.75 per employee

Alert employees to take action during emergencies and get real-time accountability for every employee in just seconds.

NPP members receive

  • Monthly subscription starting at $1.75 per employee

  • Waived $1,500 implementation & onboarding fee

  • Free web-based training for all employees

Additional Information

Emergency Alerting & Notification

Share911 enables you to alert every employee at the same time via desktop and mobile, letting your employees know when an emergency is happening, wherever they are.

Single Source of Truth

Share911 shows everyone on your emergency management team the same information, at the same time, reducing redundant communication and erroneous information sharing.

Real-time Accountability

Share911 shows you where every employee is and what their status is, whether they are in the building, have evacuated or are off-site.

Enterprise Solution

Share911 gives your emergency management team visibility into every workplace location and every employee, through a single, easy to use dashboard.

Unlimited Usage

There are no escalating fees based on how often you use Share911. Use it once a month or 10 times a month, there is no additional charge.

After-Action Reporting

Share911 makes a web-based after action report available seconds after your emergency is completed, providing critical documentation of everything that happened.

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