Precise Innovation

Wearable GPS Bands for Resort Tracking

Save on ski and resort tracking for guests

Precise Innovation produces GPS tracking solutions and communication devices for resort properties. NPP has partnered with Precise Innovation to offer an exclusive discount on kidsport GPS sports bands. Increase customer loyalty and provide security with a convenient recurring revenue model for resorts and other businesses.

NPP members receive

  • Special NPP member pricing

  • RFID room key capabilities

  • Cashless payments

  • Custom branding

  • Recurring revenue tool

  • Marketing analytics

Additional Information

How It Works

  1. Family Rents Band for Kids
    Kids pick out their favorite kidsport GPS band.
  2. Log the Band into System
    Kids are logged into the system so they can be easily found.
  3. Easy to Download App
    Download the kidsport GPS app on any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  4. Let the Fun Begin
    Parents can track kids. Kids can alert parents by pressing an SOS button.

kidsport GPS Band Benefits

  • Custom antennas for peak performance
  • RFID for purchases & room access
  • Customizable branding
  • All-day battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Safety alerts
  • Location history
  • Altitude, speed data & more
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