Precise Innovation

Caref™ GPS Tracking for Kids & Family

Save 15% on GPS tracking phone watches

Precise Innovation produces GPS tracking solutions and communication devices for children, elderly and those with special needs. NPP has partnered with Precise Innovation to offer a discount on Caref GPS Phone Watches. Now you can know where your kids or family are at all times.

NPP members receive

  • 15% OFF GPS Kid Tracking Watch

  • Locate your kids using mobile app or computer

  • Make phone calls directly from the watch

  • “SOS” button & safe boundary settings

Additional Information

World’s coolest GPS tracking phone watch for kids!

Caref GPS Phone Watch gives moms and dads the ability to know where their kids are at all times right through a mobile app. The convenient wearable device provides peace of mind for the whole family.

Precise Innovation was founded in 2012 by CEO Brian Sullivan. He was on family vacation at the beach when a friend noticed his 9 year old was missing. Luckily, the child was found, but Brian noticed that most of the kids on the beach wore bracelets and every parent had a smart phone. Brian designed a way for families to have peace of mind and children to have the freedom to be children.

Voice and Text
Send and receive calls or text from the Caref GPS phone watch.

Precise GPS Tracking
Assisted GPS and cell triangulation, locates within 3 meters in just seconds.

SOS Button
Press SOS Button to send a text alert to each phone programmed in your account.

Bread Crumbing
See where your children have been.

Geo-Fence Boundaries
Set up a child safety zone and get alerts to your phone, tablet and PC if the boundary is crossed.

Long-Lasting Battery
24-hour or more battery life under normal conditions.

Your kids can splash and swim.

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