Pharmacy Coupon Club

Prescription drug discount plan

Up to 80% off prescription drugs

Pharmacy Coupon Club helps NPP members save on prescriptions at most pharmacies. Log in and click through to access the coupon and free mobile app, even if you’re in line right now! Use your code once and you're automatically signed up for discounts.

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NPP members receive:

  • Free membership

  • Up to 80% off prescription drugs at most pharmacies

  • Free mobile app

  • Reusable coupon code that never expires

  • Discounts are available immediately

This is not insurance.

Products marketed by NPP Insurance Services, LLC and sold and administered by Proactive Risk Solutions for telemedicine. National Purchasing Partners is not a licensed insurance entity and does not sell insurance.

NPP does not guarantee supplier offers or their website performance. Suppliers are solely responsible for all supplier products and services offered through NPP. Offers may be suspended or terminated at any time and may be subject to product restrictions, exclusions and eligibility requirements.

NPP members, their employees and their immediate families can save up to 80% on prescription drugs at most pharmacies.

Just log in to your NPP account and download the Pharmacy Coupon Club mobile app to unlock members-only savings.

The Pharmacy Coupon difference?

Q: What is the difference between the mobile app savings vs. the coupon savings?

A: None. The discounts are identical. You simply have two ways to present your member plan numbers to the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Coupon Club discounts beat retail Rx apps 7 of 10 times.

If you already have prescription drug coverage through an employer plan, or an individual plan or through Medicare or Medicare Supplement, it’s still worth presenting a Pharmacy Coupon Club code to your pharmacist. Ask them which plan saves you more money.

Discounted Prescriptions

A free members-only prescription discount for NPP members, employees and immediate dependents.

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