Omni Cam

In-Vehicle Camera Solution

FREE 30-day trial, discounted hardware

The Omni Cam OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder and software management system provides video-based security for immediate ROI, saving fleet owners time and money. Fleets secured with Omni Cam experience 70% less collision costs on average, as well as lower insurance claims and better fuel efficiency. Improve real-time driver behavior and customer safety. Save on fuel with performance reporting and analytics.

NPP members receive

  • $445.50 for hardware (20% OFF)

  • FREE 30-day trial

  • Includes GPS, video recording, geo-fencing, tracing, text-to-talk

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard

  • Reduce fraudulent claims, enjoy insurance discounts

Additional Information

NPP Members Save on Omni Cam

Whether your concern is drivers, insurance, finances, accidents or customer safety, our system is proven to assist without limits.

With features like auto event recording and cloud-enabled uploads, you can track your fleet in real-time and if accidents occur you’ll know exactly what happened. Omni Cam cameras and experts help you identify key vehicles and drivers at the root of fleet inefficiencies.

Protect your assets, reduce collision costs, optimize fleet productivity, reduce fuel waste and fight fraudulent claims with the OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder vehicle surveillance system.

OC3 Telematix Drive Recorder

  • Constant 30FPS Footage
  • In-Cabin Monitoring
  • Front and Rear View Surveillance
  • GPS Tracking
  • Automatic Emergency Recording
  • Cycle Recording
  • WiFi and Cloud Enabled
  • Automatic Low Light Sensor
  • Idling Reports/Acceleration Sensor
  • Tamper-Proof
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