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NPP members receive the best possible price on Occly Blinc, a wearable alarm and safety system. Blinc warns you about trouble nearby or dangerous areas. If you encounter trouble, Blinc sounds an alarm, flashes LED lights, captures visual/audio evidence and notifies friends/family and/or professional monitoring* for emergency response. Deter the threat. Capture the evidence. Connect to help.


NPP members receive:

  • $249 MSRP  Only $179 for NPP members!

*A subscription is required only for professional monitoring.

NPP does not guarantee supplier offers or their website performance. Suppliers are solely responsible for all supplier products and services offered through NPP. Offers may be suspended or terminated at any time and may be subject to product restrictions, exclusions and eligibility requirements.

Occly Blinc Spells Safety

Occly Blinc is designed as a wearable security system, a visual deterrent with four built-In (always on) cameras and triggered live audio capture. An alarm button alerts 24/7 professional monitoring to notify local authorities as well as friends/family.

Pairing Occly Blinc with the Occly safety app provides you with the most thorough safety information and protection available. It’s a powerful safety solution that goes everywhere with you.

Features include:
  • • Four Built-In (always on) Cameras
  • • Live Audio Capture
  • • Silent Operation Mode
  • • Social Safety Application with Map
  • • Instant Crime Data
  • • Alarm Button
  • • Water-Resistant
  • • Impact/Fall Sensor Alarm
  • • Accelerometer
  • • Two LED Lighting Modes
  • • Android/iOS compatible
  • • Available in Black or White
  • • Measures: 3.1” x 2.1” x 0.7”
  • • Lightweight: 2.2oz
  • • Micro USB Charging
  • • 8 Hours of Battery Life

Occly Blinc

The best wearable personal safety device available.

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