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Enterprise Messaging Solutions

Average of 45% OFF monthly subscription per user

Cloud-based enterprise messaging service that offers a secure platform for closed communication and collaboration. NetSfere delivers state-of-the-art, reliable messaging for your business.

NPP members receive

  • Average of 45% OFF monthly subscription per user (depending on user tier)

  • Two-Way SMS and MMS Messaging

  • Intelligent IP Delivery

  • Text-to-Speech Voice Services

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • One-Time Passwords

Additional Information

Infinite Convergence Solutions

Infinite Convergence, a cloud-based messaging service that provides a private, highly secure, centrally managed solution:

  • Mobile app and web support via all modern browsers (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Secure exchange of text messages, documents, photos and videos via a private, highly secure platform
  • Advanced encryption techniques provide full device-to-device encryption, assuring only the sender and intended recipients can read the message
  • Allows IT departments to remotely wipe or restore all historical data from the application on employees’ old or existing / new devices
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