Fleet Management & Maintenance

Up to 38% OFF monthly subscription

Managing and maintaining your fleet is crucial to maximizing efficiencies and saving money. MiFleet is highly customizable, providing the right information to manage your fleet. MiFleet supports multiple hardware devices for any type of fleet application.

NPP members receive

  • Up to 38% OFF monthly subscription

  • Custom monitoring and analytics

  • Real-time vehicle management

Additional Information

Value-Based Monthly Subscription

MiFleet is a perfect value based monthly subscription service that allows business of any size to incorporate a comprehensive customized SaaS based fleet management solution for one low monthly subscription cost.

Real-Time Vehicle Management

MiFleet allows real-time vehicle management reporting that has the unique ability to turn data into useful and actionable information. The vehicle management reports can make a significant and immediate impact on ROI.

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Analytics via Mobile App

MiFleet’s GPS Fleet Management app allows for real time monitoring and data analytics on driver behaviour, fleet maintenance, Geofences , alerts, dashboards, timeline views and replay, fuel management & logs. MiFleet takes all the complexity out of Fleet Management and delivers HW, Platform, Air Time, SaaS/Cloud & Support for one low monthly subscription charge.

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