FlexiSpot & NPP to Offer Group Purchasing Deals

FlexiSpot & NPP to Offer Group Purchasing Deals

FlexiSpot—a subsidiary of Loctek—provides healthy office solutions, including sit-stand desks, bike desks and monitor arms. Now NPP members can save on all FlexiSpot products, making it easy for anyone to work smarter and healthier. If you’re not already an NPP member, just register for free to purchase on our FlexiSpot offer page and more.


FlexiSpot is just one of a variety of smart business and employee solutions available to NPP member businesses and their employees. You can upgrade the way you work while saving money for your bottom line. As a bonus, you may just find you have less stress and increased productivity.



Sit, stand or integrate your workout with your workload. Try an office upgrade that your entire company can stand behind. Purchase FlexiSpot ergonomic solutions for less at National Purchasing Partners.

If your organization is not already an NPP member, you can join at no cost today. For more information about NPP or FlexiSpot contact a representative at [email protected] or call 800.810.3909.


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